The silent version can be useful for deploying MDT Images/sysprepping or any other way you deploy Windows 10. This will work to remove the bloatware during the deployment process. Windows10Debloater.ps1 - This interactive version is what it implies - a Windows10Debloater script with interactive prompts.Windows XP, 2003, VISTA, Windows 7 (PTPv2 only) Choices for PTP Slave software on Windows machines are very limited. Windows is not a real-time operating system and synchronization is dependent on the CPU and the operating system version.

Windows provides an inbox hotkey for enable/disable control (CTRL+WIN+F24), which an OEM can support ." So, I developed a filter driver which can send CTRL+WIN+F24. When Fn+F2 keys are pressed, the Embedded Controller (EC) sends a specific keyboard Scan Code (e.g., 0xE055) to my driver, and my keyboard filter driver sends CTRL+WIN+F24 to OS.