History A Brief History of Ogbomosoland. Ogbomoso in 1891 was a walled city, the gates of which were closely watched by day and securely closed by night. There was little or no communication between it and Oyo and Ilorin which were only thirty miles to the north and south. Osa Lasa. This is an important tree in Yoruba land. It is symbolic to royalty. It is the belief of old that before a foundation of a house, the leaves will be laid on the dug foundations before traditional blasting.

Mar 28, 2016 · Surprised! That simply means, Jonathan The Giant Totoise at st. Helena on the British Island that was believed to be World oldest living reptile with about 184 yrs is only second rated to our Nigerian Alagba Totoise in Ogbomosho land at the Oba‘s palace in Oyo State with about 330yrs old. Ogbomoso Post Codes and Zip Codes. Area Post Code & Street Apake area/ okelerin Postcode => 210211 Streets using The Postcode include Alata Super