Free Enterprise is a study of the economic system of the United States. It emphasizes the development of the economy, the role citizens play as consumers and producers, and the relationship between personal economic decisions and the total economy. ONE TWO FREE ® 2019 Terms & Conditions One Free Rental Day will be awarded each time a Member (as defined below) earns 600 points in the ONE TWO FREE ® promotion (the “Promotion”).

Free Enterprise Unit 1 The Economic Way of Thinking 1 Free Enterprise Unit 1: The Economic Way of Thinking Time Frame: Approximately one week Unit Description The Economic Way of Thinking is a tool that can help students understand real world events. It is a real, systematic, rational and logical way of looking at things. Because we I Two Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a System Integrator providing end-to-end solutions focusing on Information & Communication Technologies. We offer end-to-end ICT solutions to government, state enterprises, and private sectors.