The 2.0 and 2.4-liter engines are extremely responsive and fuel efficient, while the highdisplacement V6 engine supplies supremely powerful acceleration even when carrying heavy loads or traveling up mountainsides. * MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) Jul 18, 2007 · Comparison of the variable valve timing systems Mitsubishi MIVEC (2 cam profiles), HONDA VTEC (3 cam profiles) and Toyota VVT (4AGE black/silver top engine with adjustable cam gear). Found on ... Sep 26, 2012 · How Engines Work - (See Through Engine in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 166 - Duration: 8:31. SmarterEveryDay Recommended for you

1.2l dohc mivec engine New MIRAGE comes equipped with a DOHC MIVEC 1.2-liter engine that delivers a maximum output of 78 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 100 NM at 4,000 rpm. Mitsubishi Innovation Valve Timing Electric Control (MIVEC) System helps deliver higher torque at low rpm while producing thoroughly complete fuel combustion ... The intake and exhaust side MIVEC mechanism enables more optimal valve timing settings in accordance with engine revolutions and load than the former intake side only MIVEC mechanism. It contributes to a higher engine output at a broad speed range and to lower fuel consumption.