Lost Saga Client. Battle it out as your favorite heroes from across space and time! 23 iconic heroes wait for their chance at glory in the first season with over 100 more waiting to join the fight in the future.

Top Ten North American Lost Saga Players. ... however I can hold my own with all 18 of my heroes, as lucy-fer can only be good with 2. That doesn't show true skill. Full Client Download Lost Saga Gemscool Online Indonesia tersebut merupakan Lost Saga versi 20120223 yang dirilis 23-05-2012 dan mempunyai besar file 520 MB. Di file Download Lost Saga Gemscool Online tersebut sudah terdapat Expansion Patch GatotKaca yang mjulai aktifkan secara otomatis pada tanggal 30 Mei 2012 tanpa harus menggunakan password.