Who seems to be wisest of the farm animals? Do they try to warn the others? If so, why does no one listen? Are the pigs portrayed as particularly smart? Is there something dangerous about their cleverness? If so, does Orwell seem to distrust smart people? What is the role of religion in Animal Farm? Do the farm animals have a kind of religion? Animal Quizzes. Kids' Quiz Questions Menu Animal Quiz 1 Animal Quiz 2 Animal Quiz 3. Animal Quiz Questions and Answers. Our animal quizzes asks questions on dogs, horses, birds, tigers, lions, elephants and even caterpillars. Do you know 'which animal is the largest of the cat family' or 'which Australian animal loves eucalyptus leaves'? 15 Quiz Questions on Australian Animals Here are 15 Australian Animals Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

The Random Trivia Generator; Arts & Literature: Which art form derives its name from the Greek for "beauty writing"? Calligraphy: Geography: What is the street address of the White House? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Entertainment: In the 1998 movie "You've Got Mail", Joe and Kelly are in what business? Book retailing: History Basic Farm Animals (Mixed Animal Trivia Quiz Questions): A Fun and Hopefully Informative Quiz About Some Common Farm ...: trivia questions, facts and quizzes