Apr 19, 2018 · Hey let's clear this out! You said brushed dc motor (which is two terminal device) along with that you said ESC(electronic speed controller:-it is a device used for controlling brushless dc motors (which is 3 wired device ) both are incompatible N... I have the hobbywing 1625 brushed esc. It works very well except it is somehow slower in reverse, only 50% of the forward speed. The user manual states that the red led flashes when it is at partial speed and is solid at full speed. 2. the esC can be mounted in vehicles with mounting posts using the removable mounting tabs. 3. if the vehicle doesn’t have mounting posts, remove the tabs and use double-sided foam tape to secure the esC in position. 4. the switch can be mounted to the side of the esC with the slide mount. use double-sided foam tape to secure the switch in a

The Hobbywing XRotor 1408&1106 Race Pro are the motors specially designed for the 130mm&90mm/110mm F... The Titanium Bonded Rotors for the V10 G3 Motor Series are Here HOBBYWING is proud to present the newest rotor(5-12.3/12.5-U-T) for the V10 G3 motor series.