Bersa Thunder 380 is first pistol I brought, used for range test part of Texas Concealed Carry License. It’s a good backup up for home defense and ranch weekend carry. We have grey fox and cayotes. Sister in law told me today she saw a fox kill and eat neighbor’s hen, when out for a walk this morning Hope it doesn’t come back to for the cock.

Mar 03, 2013 · See more of Bersa Thunder 9 on Facebook. ... and most of the parts are the same. If you have any special or specific questions or if you need a replacement safety ... A modern take on the Bersa classic design, the Bersa Thunder 380 Combat brings a new look to the Bersa lineup. Combining outstanding features from existing models along with new ideas, the Thunder 380 Combat brings you the ultimate 380 carry pistol. A light variant of the Thunder 380, called the 'Concealed Carry' model (or 380CC), and a 15-round capable "Bersa Thunder 380 plus" were released by Bersa in the United States, and variants 'Firestorm 380' and 'Firestorm 22' are sold by Firestorm SGS of New Jersey; assembled from parts manufactured by Bersa. Intended market